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Stephen's Words/Phrases

Truth that comes from the gut, not books,
the quality of preferring concepts or facts that one wishes to be true, rather than concepts or facts known to be true

Factiness- (n)
Like truthiness, but arrangment of the facts, used only to defeat the Democrats

Wikilobbying- (v)
The act of lobbying on wikipedia, to bend certain facts... that need bending

Flagaphile- (n)
One who strongly believes in the flag (America, that is) and respects it greatly. Of is a flag

Lincolnish- (adj)
To be like Lincoln (Abe Lincoln, 16th U.S. president)

Freem- (?)
Definition unknown. No "do" in freedom?

-"Librarians are Hiding Something"

Gutly- (adj)
One who is full of gut(s), to be with gut.

Gutlopedia- (n)
Encyclopedia of knowledge, found in the gut.
Amount of facts made by intuition.

Colbertophile- (n) An even maniacal fan of
Stephen Colbert. One who tracks Stephen Colbert.