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The Truthiness Universe!
Hello Heroes, and welcome to the Truthiverse! This site is designed to be a great source of entertainment, and actual information. This site will be continuously moderated, updated, and fancied up, to help you with all your Colbert needs. Designed and built by two younger fans, Emily and Jozy (us) will moderate the site, write Precaps and Recaps, and other interesting, humorous stuff.. Anyway, we hope you enjoy, and benefit from our useful site. Unlike some other sites we know of...
                                                 - Jozy and Emily


Okay, maybe not a precap.
we're back!
YES! WE found the password to the site!
AND boy do we have news for you!
First of all, OH MY GOD STEPHEN'S A CANNIBAL!!! *not meant offfensively to any practicing cannibals

Stephen ate Bobby, the stage manager.
Can we please have a moment of silence to mourn:
Well no reason to dwell on our losses.
TIME's most infulential top 100!!!
Is wrong.
Yes, I'm sorry folks, but Time's got it wrong AGAIN. You'd think these people would learn, you know?
But no.
For more... look to your RIGHT

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RECAP (not) 4.24

Hi there. Didn't expect you.
ANyway, yes!It's Stephen's long time arch-nemesis
Korean popstar RAIN!!!!!!!
He's back...
AND .. let me quote:
video of Rain talking, directed at Stephen:
"Well Stephen, I saw your attempt at a pop video, and the dancing, not so bad, and you don't look so bad, not as good as me, but... your singing... let's just say... stick to you day job, okay?"
STephen: "Oh yeah?!?! Well, considering my day job is being president of the I-Hate-Rain Club, I don't think I'll be quitting anytime soon!! And let me just say, about this whole video thing...
Rain knows who I Am!!!!..."
So yeah.
The fight is ON.
But back to the subject, we can't A.) let Rain get first place in the Time's list, or B.)let Rain get ahead of Stephen.
NATION! We call upon you in a time of need!!
Go to,28757,1725112,00.html
and click Stephen's name, and at the top, move the bar to "100" (at this point no one cares what you actually think, just get Stephen to the top! Please!!!!)
You can do this as many times as you want... come on!
This is your chance to make up for all those "Peabody winning Doritos" stickers you DIDN'T sticker! (OH yeah, we know).
Be a true ColbertNation.. did I just say that? Truthiverse member! (passports interexchangable for both places)

Have fun Nation!


The Latest in Blabber:
Saint Nick 2008?

Santa would make an... interesting president. The labor unions would have a fit, and all the Muslims, Jews, even atheists, etc. that think ol' Saint Nick is yet another form of brian washing (atheists), or an attack on their faith (Muslims, etc). The man might die of shock before his term was up. I mean, it must be pretty isolated up there in the North Pole; nevermind, I mean, the US has God-knows-how-many secret bases (not in use after 1970), Canada must have a thriving black market, and who knows what those polar bears are capable of. And there must be mines and wells and mills and tracks and pipelines and whatever else coving it up like lace. So I guess he's pretty well informed.
Anyway, I'd still be worried if Santa was president. I mean, I'd say the government was being infiltrated! Russia has sent up a small metal capsule with a tiny Russian flag, and say they claim the north pole, so, technically speaking, Santa's Russian! Well, technically speaking, there isn't any solid ice IN the north pole. I say Santa's moved to Antarctica. But I'm sure Russia will eventually claim that, too.
But, speaking strictly politics, this is obviously impossible. I mean, Santa isn't even a US citizen. He's an illegal alien, coming through our borders like that, one night a year. Kinda creepy if you ask me. But does the government focus on HIM? I don't see Santa Claus getting shut behind a chainlink fence! He doesn't even pick our strawberries! Oh no, he gets away with it. How do we know one day we wont open our stockings one year to find nuke threats? Hm? Or worse, nukes!
The man just cannot be trusted.

~jOzy, courtesy of Fluffballmeister