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Hello! I'm Jozy, a co-editor of this site. And yes, I write some of the posts, too. This is the Truthiverse, because Stephen deserves more than just a Nation, he deserves a universe.
Truthiverse is a website, the #3 fan site, made specifically for those younger fans (we know you're out there). Of course, we have nothing against the older fans, who are hopefully at least young at heart. Please enjoy this site, made to fits needs. You will find that here, unlike, say, oh, ColbertNation, we have made available quotes, words, phrases, and lists, etc. fit to your needs, if you ever need a Colbert Quote, or have a simple curiousity need to fill. If you feel there's something missing, or you have a brilliant, hero-worthy suggestion, please contact us! We will take all your suggestions to heart! (Unless we find them unsuitable, of course.)
In Colbert We Trust.


Hey all young heroes! I'm Emily and I am the other creator of this site. I promise you that I'm not as smart or as awesome as Jozy, but I guess I'm okay since I love Stephen Colbert and all of his works. Anywho, I'm 12 and I'm in seventh grade. I am a huge Democrat and I love politics, pop culture, Stephen Colbert, 'The Colbert Report", Stangers With Candy, The Bealtes, my iPod, my 'puter, my family, Jozy, my friends, myself ('ll see how low my self esteem is the more I post), did i mention Stephen Colbert?, so Stephen Colbert and.....oh yeah "The Colbert Report"( did I mention that yet....)
Anywho, that's me and I hope you love this site as much as Jozy and I have had fun making it!
- Emily

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