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List of Segments

These are segments on the Colbert Report, many which do not appear regularly. That, of course, is one of the grand things about Stephen, he just loves inventing new segments, for the sake of the little graphics that go with them.
But don't we all?

- The Word
- Better Know a District
- All the other "Better Know" segments
- Tip of the Hat, Wag of the Finger
- Threat Down
- Colbert Platinum
- Cheating Death with Doctor Stephen T. Colbert
- Monkey on the Lam
- When Animals Attack Our Morals
- Alpha Dog of the Week
- Formidable Opponent
- WristWatch
- Stephen's Sound Advice
- Sport Report
- Who's Honoring me now?
- Who's NOT Honoring me now?
- Who's Riding on my Coattails now?
- Who's Attacking me now?
- The Craziest F#$%ing I've Ever Heard
- Smokin' Pole
- Difference Makers
- The Word

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