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Colbert Merchandise... or Colberchandise

Colbert Merchandise!!! Or.... Colberchandise.... if ya really want....

This is where you can find all of the Stephenly things you want! Well, actually, not all, only the stuff comedy central sells. There are those other adds, probly on top or on the side of this website, like Stewart/Colbert '08 gear, or Colbert mugs, but those are probably rip offs. And we're completely ignoring all the black market Colbert junk out there, too. And of course the merchandise you make yourself when you write "Truthiness!" on a T-shirt.

In fact, we would advise you get your own white shirt, and write whatever the heck you want. Why should it be gray with "Property of Colbert Nation" in blue, when it could be white, With "TRUTHINESS RULES THE WORLD!!!" In bright red? So, be creative, and don't buy this stuff.
Except for the WristSTRONG, you have to have the magical red silicon rubber.

Oh, and did you really think we'd go through all the trouble to do the links ourselves? It all goes to anyway, so here's the link for the ColbertNation stuff. We'll just provide pictures. And prices.

Also, a new feature you'll see with nothing else, a real review by us. Who own almost everything. You'll get The Truth about the products.

Click here for the link to the page with all the links to the page where you can buy this stuff-- overpriced!

$5.00. Really about 10 with shipping, though.

Obviously these are on demand. All the money goes to the "Yellow Ribbon Fund" (these are obviously red for a reason), to help wounded soldiers.
The Truth: they really are what they seem, pretty sturdy, though I wouldn't recommend pulling them and letting go like Stephen does. They are actually pretty big, so they will fit everyone, and will be a bit big on some people. Apparently if you get them wet they shrink a bit.

$3.99. Good price compared to most stores, though shipping boosts it up.

These are pretty cool. Nice for a collectible. I haven't read mine yet, but I'll tell you what it's about when I do.
The Truth: One querk, it's not Tek. The drawings are much different from our favorite Tek Jansen animation, with the signature hair. I wouldn't really reccommend this, unless you love Tek. One of five, four yet to be released, I think.


This is a replica of the real picture Stephen has above his interview chair. Above his "fireplace" I believe. Every year, a Stephen will grow in side the picture, so when in the future scientists are studying "Colbertology", they will know how old it is. Like a tree.
The Truth: I rate it an F. The picture is very blurry, and has rainbow splotches, like it was printed off the internet. Very crappy, I would most definately NOT suggest this.


This shirt is the only shirt you'll probably ever find with a dictionary definition on it. But that makes it even cooler!
The Truth: Good shirt. Has the definition on the front in rather small print, and on the back says "The Colbert Report" near the top. Also is good to use to stop up the mouths of Repiglicans and Spendocrats.
NOTE: Is not same definition as was on the dictionary page, found on ColbertNation. :(

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